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Broadmoor Wildlife Sanctuary

8 June 2014

Day Trip Report

One of many Mass Audubon facilities near Boston, we visited Broadmoore Wildlife Sanctuary on a warm late spring day for the afternoon.

Location: 42.256007°N, 71.337950°W

As we entered the Sanctuary, near the visitor center, there was a covered picnic area for a quick snack & getting the gear organized the backpacks.

We started on the Marsh Trail, taking a short spur on the boardwalk along the marsh.

Location: 42.255007°N, 71.337782°W

After careful search, as expected, we did find frogs & turtles. We were surprised though to find a large fishing swimming slowly in the pond. We also had a quick encounter with a snake on the trail.

Location: 42.253813°N, 71.337063°W

We continued the loop to Boundary & Glacial Hill Trails with several water crossings

Location: 42.254882°N, 71.334338°W

Near the Glacial Hill Trail was a gazebo to give some shade while we have a picnic lunch

Location: 42.254740°N, 71.332492°W

We returned to the visitor center on the Indian Brook Trail.


  • GPS log:
    • Record of the entire hike from GPS device. You can view map or download copy of it for your device in multiple formats such as GPX, TCX, & KML for Google Earth.
    • Distance: 3.56km
    • Time: 2:09:31
    • Elevation gain: 44m
  • Broadmoore Wildlife Sanctuary guide
  • Trails descriptions & maps

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