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Boston Harborwalk on Bicycle

16 August 2014

Day Trip Report

Boston has a treasure chest full of trails in prime locations within easy reach of town: Minuteman Bikeway, Greenbelt Walk, Charles River Reservation, & Emerald Necklace.

Recently, I also learned about Harborwalk: a public walkway along the waterfront, with parks, beaches, art, cafés, exhibit areas, transportation, & other amenities.

We boarded the MBTA red line to JFK/UMass station with bicycles. We maneuvered over a few streets, parking lots, & side walks to start our tour.

Location: 42.312747°N, 71.041320°W

Our first stop was near John F Kennedy Presidential Library & Museum to visit the library & eat lunch on the picnic bench:

Location: 42.315562°N, 71.032750°W

The boys quickly found plenty of crabs hiding underneath rocks:

Location: 42.315545°N, 71.032858°W

From that point on, we passed by several beaches to take a break at or chase the waves. Edward J McCormack Bath House was one of several we stopped at:

Location: 42.326065°N, 71.048417°W

These are part of Dorchester Shores Reservation:

Location: 42.329288°N, 71.045787°W

Location: 42.330013°N, 71.032645°W

Until we arrived at Castle Island:

Location: 42.332093°N, 71.020298°W

This was another opportunity for a snack break while the started looking for crabs between the rocks:

Location: 42.330980°N, 71.015078°W

We passed by a Korean War memorial in Castle Island park:

Location: 42.336823°N, 71.009760°W

We weaved in & out of busy city streets near the harbor:

Location: 42.354622°N, 71.044358°W

We finished the day near the Children’s Museum where we took the train back from South Station.

Location: 42.351738°N, 71.050189°W


  • Record of the entire route from GPS device. You can view map or download copy of it for your device in multiple formats such as GPX, TCX, & KML for Google Earth.
  • Boston Harborwalk Detailed guide and map.


We repeated this tour on Saturday 2 December 2017. Boys were on scooters & adults walked briskly.

Started from Savin Hill station on Ashmont red line train to visit Savin Hill beach & Vietnam War memorial:

Location: 42.311783°N, 71.045106°W

The itinerary continued mostly the same as before along the water front with views, beaches, & rest stops until we arrived South Station. We then continued on Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway to indulge in Mint Bliss Ghirardelli ice cream:

Location: 42.360278,°N, 71.055175°W

Full GPS log & map available on Strava.


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