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Cape Cod National Seashore

22 August 2014

Trip Report: 22–24 August 2014

While only in its second year, this is becoming an annual event that I go on a bicycle tour with one of the kids. Last year, it was a trip from Boston to Portland. This year, we toured the Cape Cod National Seashore between Provincetown & Truro. A friend & his daughter joined us.

Friday: Province Lands

We set out of home on bicycle early Friday morning to reach the start at Lechmere Station. From there, we took a variety of bicycle trails & side walks (route map: lap 1) to reach the ferry terminal.

Location: 42.048981°N, 70.182237°W

The ferry departed Boston at 0930 for a sailing time of about 100 minutes (route map: lap 2). We stopped for snack at Provincetown Portuguese Bakery, visited Pilgrim Monument, & navigated to Province Land trail (route map: lap 3)

Location: 42.061919°N, 70.203254°W

We had an extended lunch stop at Herring Cove beach, while the kids skipped stones on the calm water.

Location: 42.049586°N, 70.222412°W

We were ready to take the long bicycle ride for the day to Truro (route map: lap 4). We shopped for dinner on the way at Jams Gourmet Grocery. Our hostel was near the beach:

Location: 42.001264°N, 70.020889°W

The kids splashed by the water while we got dinner ready:

Location: 42.000347°N, 70.020294°W

Saturday: Head of the Meadow

The hostel served breakfast. After I had my fill of home-made granola with yogurt, we set out to spend the day on the beach.

While not paved, we opted to use Old Kings Highway to avoid the busy roads on highway 6 (route map: lap 1). It was challenging at times with loose sand & few short hills:

Location: 42.024656°N, 70.057968°W

We stopped for a break at Highland Lighthouse:

Location: 42.039231°N, 70.062278°W

Behind the lighthouse, by the ocean, we passed ball while watching ospreys soar:

Location: 42.039722°N, 70.060478°W

A short distance from the lighthouse, we reached Head of the Meadow beach (route map: lap 2):

Location: 42.052967°N, 70.080742°W

Interestingly, in low tide, a second beach presented itself!

Location: 42.052639°N, 70.079558°W

From the beach, we took a short side trip on the Meadow trail (route map: laps 4 & 5):

Location: 42.052639°N, 70.079558°W

On the return trip from the beach (route map: lap 7), we stopped for a quick break at a neighborhood park:

Location: 41.994305°N, 70.051011°W

Dinner was on the go at Jams Gourmet Grocery before watching sunset from the beach:

Location: 42.001186°N, 70.020911°W

Nice view of our hostel on the way back from the beach:

Location: 42.001956°N, 70.024750°W

Sunday: Provincetown

At breakfast, I went again for the home-made granola with yogurt. We then packed & started our return trip (route map: lap 1):

Location: 42.002486°N, 70.030664°W

We could not pass Sweet Escape bakery without stopping for fresh blueberry muffins:

Location: 42.017375°N, 70.072258°W

At this time, we decided to take a break from the bicycle for a walk on West End stone dike:

Location: 42.036483°N, 70.196617°W

From it, we could see Provincetown & Pilgrim Monument:

Location: 42.023883°N, 70.188837°W

Location: 42.023889°N, 70.188867°W

And Wood End lighthouse:

Location: 42.023883°N, 70.188837°W

We had earned a treat of salt water taffy locally made in the basement of Cabot’s Candy:

Location: 42.051181°N, 70.186905°W

And a visit to Puzzle Me This:

Location: 42.051483°N, 70.186395°W

We then took the ferry back to Boston:

Location: 42.335828°N, 70.953505°W



  • Shining Sea, one day tour from Buzzards Bay to Hyannis, Woods Hole, & Shining Sea trail.
  • Cape Cod & Martha’s Vineyard: family trip from Boston on ferry to Provincetown, bakeries, beaches, rail trail, & Jaws bridge.
  • Hyannis–Provincetown: one day leisurely tour: train, ferry, bicycle path, farmers’ market, salt water taffy, ice cream, bakeries, lighthouses, & many beaches to dip in.
  • Family tour of Upper Cape, mostly around Woods Hole with a short trip to Martha’s Vineyard.

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