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Weekend trip to Connecticut & Rhode Island

24 October 2014

Trip Report: 24–26 October 2014

A playful weekend between good friends & outdoor activities on a trip to Connecticut & Rhode Island: fund raising dance performance for Crimea, bicycle ride on the hills of Portland, hike Mashamoquet Brook State Park, & hike Cliff Walk in Newport.

To Not Forget Crimea

We left home immediately after the kids finished with school to arrive Middletown, CT, by late afternoon. Our first priority was dinner at It’s Only Natural restaurant, including their famous sweet potato fries.

We then made our way to Wesleyan University’s Memorial Chapel to find front row seats. The performance To Not Forget Crimea by Yevshan Ukrainian Vocal Ensemble started with songs:

Location: 41.555661°N, 72.656004°W

Followed by dance:

Location: 41.555661°N, 72.656004°W

Classic Bicycle Route

We met Saturday early morning for our rise-with-the-sun bicycle ride that always started with the first rays of light to climb the hills of Portland.

It was a chilly morning with fog forming over the Connecticut River:

Location: 41.600290°N, 72.617667°W

Mashamoquet Brook State Park

This is hike 28 from Best Hikes with Kids: Connecticut, Massachusetts, & Rhode Island.

Location: 41.555661°N, 72.656004°W

It has been on my mind for a while, knowing the pretty nature of northeast corner of Connecticut.

We started on the red trail, which was mostly easy, flat, & well marked:

Location: 41.857083°N, 71.982423°W

We reached Table Rock for lunch break on its large flat surface:

Location: 41.843342°N, 71.984670°W

Next stop was a cave site of last wolf in Connecticut killed in 1742:

Location: 41.841617°N, 71.984852°W

We got on the blue trail to reach Indian Chair for a quick break & family pictures:

Location: 41.840698°N, 71.978190°W

The blue trail had more difficult footing & rolling hills, which meant it was more quiet with fewer hikers:

Location: 41.856948°N, 71.981945°W

Cliff Walk

The walk is a top attraction for visiting Newport, RI, which combines scenic coastal views with historical architecture of the areas gilded age.

Location: 41.485708°N, 71.296567°W

The walk starts easy on mostly paved & flat path:

Location: 41.483538°N, 71.296895°W

That continues for the entire northern part of the walk:

Location: 41.482360°N, 71.297038°W

The walk is on a high cliff of rocky Atlantic coast:

Location: 41.475953°N, 71.297072°W

The path passes by many historical mansions:

Location: 41.468960°N, 71.296890°W

Such as The Breakers: 70-room summer palazzo:

Location: 41.469165°N, 71.2966217°W

Others further south away from the crowds:

Location: 41.454505°N, 71.304803°W

And Chinese tea house at Marble House:

Location: 41.462357°N, 71.304082°W

Luckily, there was a break in the walk by a sandy beach:

Location: 41.467373°N, 71.301072°W

The trails become more rough, rocky, & quiet further south:

Location: 41.466145°N, 71.302568°W


  • Route maps & logs: record of route from GPS device. View map or download copy in multiple formats such as GPX, TCX, & KML for Google Earth:
  • Food stop in Middletown, CT: It’s Only Natural restaurant.

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