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Night at Lonesome Lake Hut

1 November 2014

Trip Report: 1–2 November 2014

The short hike to Lonesome Lake hut can be done in almost any time of the year in any weather conditions: it is short distance from the trailhead (2.5km), low in elevation (325m), & away from severe weather on mountain peaks.

Therefore, we had planned this trip well in advance to spend the weekend at the hut, rain or shine. It was neither: cloudy with a few flakes of snow.

Lonesome Lake Hut

We started the hike from Lafayette Place campground with a gentle climb to reach the lake:

Location: 44.142003°N, 71.688703°W

As we reached the lake, some snow flurries started to fall:

Location: 44.138278°N, 71.702085°W

Moments later, we reached the hut:

Location: 44.138623°N, 71.702783°W

We settled inside the hut for a short while to eat a snack, warm up near the fire, & check into our room.

Location: 44.138600°N, 71.703128°W

Kinsman Pond

We still had time for an afternoon hike to Kinsman Pond & the nearby shelter: round trip 5.95km with 435m elevation gain.

Location: 44.139173°N, 71.714415°W

Snow accumulation on ground & trees increased as we gained elevation on Fishin’ Jimmy trail:

Location: 44.138340°N, 71.730947°W

Until we reached the shelter where there was enough snow for the kids to throw snow balls:

Location: 44.136750°N, 71.732317°W

I escaped the snow fight for a few quiet moments to Kinsman Pond:

Location: 44.137128°N, 71.732340°W

We descended back to the same way to hut. At this time of year, the hut is hut is self-service. It does not serve meals. We brought our own food for simple dinner.

Cascade Brook Trail

We hiked the long way back from hut to Lafayette Place campground.

Location: 44.138438°N, 71.702498°W

It was a fun hike with several play options along the brook, such as stacking cairns:

Location: 44.124419°N, 71.692687°W

And sliding on the icy rock:

Location: 44.121922°N, 71.687387°W

The trail ended at The Basin with several water cascades:

Location: 44.121042°N, 71.683047°W

The last part of the hike (lap 3) was quick on paved recreational trail back to trailhead.


Route maps & logs: record of route from GPS device. View map or download copy in multiple formats such as GPX, TCX, & KML for Google Earth:

  • Hike from Lafayette Place campground to Lonesome Lake hut
  • Roundtrip hike from Lonesome Lake hut to Kinsman Pond
  • Return hike from hut on Cascade Brook trail to Lafayette Place campground

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