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In Search of Bakeries

26 December 2014

On my frequent travel, mostly on bicycle, I search for bakery stops that fill a hungry stomach with fresh artisan bread. Here is a map of my favorites, mostly in New England:

Use the top right square symbol on the map to expand view into full screen.

Use the top left menu symbol to open a menu to display any or all of three layers available:

  • Bakery: bread must be a prominent feature. Pastries, sandwiches, & other snacks maybe available.
  • Snack: everything else such as general store, café, diner, etc.
  • POI: points of interest, still in very early development.

Here are instructions to download maps for offline use without mobile signal. Prepare these steps ahead of the trip when you have internet connection.

  • Install MAPS.ME app on your mobile device
  • Open the app
  • Open menu options from the three horizontal bars at the bottom right corner
  • Select Download Maps
  • In the subsequent menus, navigate to find the country & region to download maps for
  • Return from the app to this web page to download individual layers of:
  • Or, choose to download the entire map at once
  • Select to open each layer in MAPS.ME app

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