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Maine 100-Mile Wilderness

5 March 2015

Trip Report: 5–9 March 2015

This was already one of the best ski seasons, with many opportunities to ski locally in Minute Man National Park & amazing trip to Maine Huts & Trials.

I was not expecting ski conditions to remain great into March. But they were. We had great time between AMC Gorman Chairback & Little Lyford lodges.

Thursday: Gorman Chairback

We left Boston very early morning to arrive Greenville by 12:00 at Northwoods Outfitters to get ready, change clothes, meet group, eat lunch, & arrange carpool to trailhead.

At the trailhead, we left our bags in a shed for staff to transport to Gorman Chairback lodge. It was too cold, so we started moving quickly.

Terrain started with long descent into the valley before turning into rolling terrain around the lake. It was good time to stop at a shelter to rest & eat a quick snack:

Location: 45.474644°N, 69.390915°W

We continued from there to the lodge:

Location: 45.461369°N, 69.316185°W

It was recently renovated into beautiful facility & very comfortable rooms:

Location: 45.461369°N, 69.316185°W

Air was calm, sunset bright, & lake beautiful. We went out for a short ski nearby:

Location: 45.460953°N, 69.316666°W

It was hard to get out from the warm cottage into the main lodge for bathroom. But on that evening, under bright full moon &amp plenty of snow, it was a pleasant walk:

Location: 45.46120°N, 69.31676°W

Friday: Third Mountain

Weather forecast was for clear sky. I got up very early that morning to explore the trails up to Third Mountain: highest & most accessible peak nearby for extended views all the way to Katahdin.

The logging road was not groomed & deep in fluffy heavenly snow. It ended at the intersection with the Appalachian Trail, leading to Third Mountain, on snowshoes.

I sprinted back to lodge for breakfast & to convince the group of taking this trip up. It would mean some backcountry skiing & carrying snowshoes for the last climb.

We were the first to break trail up the logging road & the Appalachian Trail. There were many opportunities to get lost. Luckily, we did not. Instead, we were treated to spectacular views from top:

Location: 45.444811°N, 69.294145°W

At night, after dinner, with lit lake under full moon, I could not resist but a solo fast sprint across the lake:

Location: 45.459682°N, 69.347014°W

It was refreshing. I slept very well after that.

Saturday: Little Lyford

I started to like the idea of short activity before breakfast. This morning it was a hike along Henderson Brook trail to touch the Appalachian Trail again:

Location: 45.473151°N, 69.294808°W

Back in time for big breakfast meal of crunchy granola, trail mix, & yogurt. We started ski to Little Lyford where we spend the next two nights:

Location: 45.517532°N, 69.356239°W

There was a third ski plan for this day. But we had to take a lunch break first:

Location: 45.516766°N, 69.357185°W

We set off to ski & hike to Gulf Hagas with its impressive cliff drop & views:

Location: 45.494675°N, 69.339432°W

Sunday: Mount Baker

The day before was plenty. I skipped my early morning activity.

Instead, we set on a big climb on our way to Mountain Brook pond by Mount Baker:

Location: 45.522537°N, 69.400681°W

We continued on rolling terrain to reach Baker Pond for lunch break:

Location: 45.535477°N, 69.41259°W

Even more snow was in the forecast that afternoon. Later, I decided to go for a sprint ski loop near the lodge:

Location: 45.531696°N, 69.372871°W

I was hungry. The long day called for big dinner:

Location: 45.516928°N, 69.358705°W


Back to my normal schedule of early ski, I went out to explore the return route. There were two options to take. I went out for a loop that included both:

Location: 45.494976°N, 69.367371°W

Back for break & meeting with the group for final ski back to trailhead:

Location: 45.501823°N, 69.369888°W

We ate our lunch back at the lodge before driving back home.


Day Service Log
Thursday 5 March 2015: arrive Bed & all meals: Gorman Chairback
  • Map: download GPX, FIT, TCX, KML, & other file format for GPS track
  • Distance: 10.79km
  • Pace: 14m:03s/km
  • Time: 2h:31m:29s
  • Ascent: 123m
  • Descent: 242m
Friday: Third Mountain
  • Map
  • Distance: 10.29
  • Pace: 25:51
  • Time: 4:26:06
  • Ascent: 359
  • Descent: 353
Friday: Lake Bed & all meals: Gorman Chairback
  • Map
  • Distance: 10.35
  • Pace: 8:58
  • Time: 1:32:48
  • Ascent: 3
  • Descent: 9
Saturday: Henderson Brook
    • Map
    • Distance: 5.08
    • Pace: 16:15
    • Time: 1:22:39
    • Ascent: 197
    • Descent: 193
Saturday Bed & all meals: Little Lyford
  • Map
  • Distance: 10.36
  • Pace: 14:33
  • Time: 2:30:58
  • Ascent: 181
  • Descent: 160
Saturday: Gulf Hagas
  • Map
  • Distance: 8.44
  • Pace: 18:38
  • Time: 2:37:17
  • Ascent: 113
  • Descent: 109
Sunday: Mount Baker
  • Map
  • Distance: 13.84
  • Pace: 17:48
  • Time: 4:06:35
  • Ascent: 295
  • Descent: 315
Sunday: sprint loop
  • Map
  • Distance: 5.80
  • Pace: 8:13
  • Time: 0:48:38
  • Ascent: 58
  • Descent: 57
Monday: scout
  • Map
  • Distance: 9.42
  • Pace: 11:16
  • Time: 1:46:09
  • Ascent: 212
  • Descent: 207
Monday: depart
  • Map
  • Distance: 12.67
  • Pace: 13:41
  • Time: 2:53:31
  • Ascent: 314
  • Descent: 242

  • Distance: 97.04
  • Pace: 15:13
  • Time: 24:36:10
  • Ascent: 1,855
  • Descent: 1,887


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