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Wachusett Meadow Wildlife Sanctuary

25 May 2015

Day Trip Report

After the long ski season, it was time to start the hike season.

I have read about hiking Wachusett Meadow in several guide books, including Outdoors with Kids Boston. It was well worth it that immediately after the hike, I purchased a Mass Audubon membership.

Location: 42.455587°N, 71.905342°W

Brown Hill

At the time we arrive, park office was still closed. We hiked directly to North Meadow trail in clockwise direction to reach Glacial Boulder. Of course the kids had to climb it:

Location: 42.459385°N, 71.906837°W

We continued on Brown Hill Loop trail to reach the summit with less than 100m of climbing:

Location: 42.461445°N, 71.902954°W

Down from the hill, we reach Otter Pond in search of wild life, but could not spot any:

Location: 42.459377°N, 71.898468°W

We continued on Brown Hill Loop to reach the Gian White Oak tree for a quick break & snack:

Location: 42.458851°N, 71.903816°W

Back on North Meadow trail, we stopped at Farm Pond to find turtles & frogs:

Location: 42.456268°N, 71.904617°W

The office was open by now. We stopped to refill our water bottles & buy Mass Audubon membership card:

Location: 42.458061°N, 71.905731°W

Beaver Wetland

The park ranger recommended another loop for us that is short & mostly flat along Beaver Wetland. We started on Pasture trail counterclockwise:

Location: 42.454578°N, 71.910092°W

Once on Beaver Bend trail, we had full view of Beaver Wetland. There were some benches to sit, enjoy the view, & take a break:

Location: 42.453663°N, 71.906685°W


On our return trip, we made a slight detour to Bolton Orchards for cider donuts & Italian cookies:

Location: 42.454229°N, 71.643221°W



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