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Lake Memphremagog

10 July 2015

Day Trip Report: 10 July 2015

A hilly & long, yet somehow relaxing route with many points of interest around Lake Memphremagog.

This was not going to be an easy weekend. I was already planning on a major hike of the Presidential range. To warm up & take advantage of the good weather while in the mountains, I decided to tour this area on bicycle.

The route started easy from Newport, VT, along the lake shore with a short section on a gravel rail trail:

Location: 44.936825°N, 72.211182°W

Not before long, I crossed the border into Canada to arrive at Bleu Lavande farm. They were not fully open yet. But still got the chance to walk in their garden:

Location: 45.085796°N, 72.18869°W

I have cross many covered bridges in New England, but not in Canada. Until this route:

Location: 45.092239°N, 72.20034°W

That initial section of the route set the tone for a very relaxing morning on quiet roads, with very few cars, & quick rolling hills.

In Georgeville, it was time for some baked goods at Magazine Général. They had many other items as well for snacks, post cards, & gifts.

Location: 45.139671°N, 72.252945°W

Back along the lake shore, I could see Abbaye Saint-Benoît-du-Lac on the other side. Of course, I could not wait to get there & try their famous cheese.

Location: 45.147953°N, 72.24543°W

Magog is a beautiful town on the lake with parks & La Route Verte 1 bicycle path for even more relaxed ride:

Location: 45.26746°N, 72.159828°W

A little bit away from the road, I almost missed the Gourmet par Nature farm stand with gelée, gelato, & savons:

Location: 45.234402°N, 72.220573°W

As if all the previous stops were not enough, I still had to make the side trip to Abbaye Saint-Benoît-du-Lac for views of the lake, mosaic colorful tiles, & delicious cheese:

Location: 45.166505°N, 72.270807°W

Big hills were saved to last, just when I was ready to finish the day.



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