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Tour Lake Champlain Islands 1st Annual

17 July 2015

Trip Report: 17–19 July 2015

The trip has all ingredients for relaxing yet active weekend: several stops at state parks, scenic mountain views at every turn, multiple stops for local fresh food, & frequent opportunities to dip in the refreshing lake water.

Sample guide for participants to prepare for this trip is available for reference. Otherwise, past trip reports are posted at:

Friday: Grand Isle

The trip from Boston is about five hours. I decided to arrive the area early on Thursday for a bonus ride of farm-to-farm gravel road from Morse Farm.

Before the ride on Friday, I visited Red Hen Baking Company for their wonderful selection of soups & breads:

Location: 44.294376°N, 72.682838°W

The group met in Knight Point State Park which has changing rooms, beach access, water fountain, & restrooms.

From there, we started a tour of Grand Isle with a stop at Snow Farm for wine tasting & root beer:

Location: 44.626713°N, 73.333145°W

We took a short round trip on Island Line trail:

Location: 44.594128°N, 73.311935°W

There is a gap on the trail with a bicycle ferry that connects the two sections:

Location: 44.590382°N, 73.312202°W

The other side of the trail would continue all the way to Burlington.

The return trip on east shore of Grand Isle has fast stretches that hug the water with beautiful views.

We arrive the Inn for a swim, dinner, & views of lake:

Location: 44.858971°N, 73.360001°W

Saturday: North Hero

A very relaxing day to visit state parks, rest on the beach, enjoy baked goods at Hero’s Welcome general store.

After a tour of Isle la Motte, the first stop was at North Hero State Park:

Location: 44.920486°N, 73.240334°W

The beach in this park is often calm in the shadow of southern wind.

Facing the southern wind, we made our way for lunch at Hero’s Welcome general store:

Location: 44.816483°N, 73.290207°W

We finished the day with a visit to Alburg Dunes State Park, Saint Annes shrine, & Samuel Champlain statue:

Location: 44.902145°N, 73.342285°W

Sunday: Venise-en-Québec

There was headwind. But there was also tailwind! Yes. In most cases, headwind comes in both directions. On this day, the tailwind was powerful to propel us at high speed into Canada with very little effort.

We arrived early before L’O Vive restaurant started serving Sunday brunch. Instead, we opted for chocolate & berries crêpe:

Location: 45.082355°N, 73.149345°W



Lodging for the entire trip was at Inn at Isles. Others stayed nearby at Old Schoolhouse & Ruthcliff Lodge.

Day Services Log
Friday 17 July 2015
  • Points of interest:
  • Food stop: Snow Farm
  • Route map & log
  • Distance: 54.07km
  • Ascent: 333m
  • Time: 2:59:45
  • Average temperature: 22.1℃
  • Saturday
  • Points of interest:
  • Food stops:
  • Route map & log
  • Distance: 77.24km
  • Ascent: 319m
  • Time: 5:46:20
  • Average temperature: 23.6℃
  • Sunday
  • Food stops:
  • Route map & log
  • Distance: 75.54km
  • Ascent: 245m
  • Time: 4:21:10
  • Average temperature: 21.9℃
  • Route Expectations

    Expect the following when you are on the road:

    • Gravel grinders: there will be sections on unpaved roads. Most of them are smooth crushed stone & dirt, while some rare short ones are a bit more rough.
    • Bicycle tires: 23mm only if you are already comfortable with them on dirt roads; 25mm are adequate; 28mm–32mm are most suitable; wider tires are adequate but not necessary.
    • Wind: there will be wind. Most likely headwind in both directions.
    • Hills: there will be hills. They are low, quick, with little elevation gain. But they are there.

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