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New York

25 March 2016

Trip Report 25–27 March 2016

We often hesitate when planning a trip to New York: busy, expensive, & drab.

Yet, all it takes is for us to start walking in any Manhattan neighborhood to get excited, play outside, taste unique food, visit museums, & explore new corners.

Below is a collection of notes from this & other trips.


Unlike other trips we had to NY, this was planned well in advance with a purpose to watch Aladdin’s musical on Broadway.

Location: 40.756245°N, 73.987867°W

We reserved seats through Ticketmaster & hotel rooms through Hotwire. Beyond that, we were open for ideas to fill the weekend.

Aladdin’s musical was extraordinary: costumes, music, actors, voices, & production. We enjoyed every minute of it.

Water Front

We arrived Friday noon at Battery Park for a walk on trails along the water front. Kids had scooters, helmets, frisbee, & snacks.

Location: 40.765295°N, 74.001778°W

We walked along the west side, stopping at different piers, playing frisbee, & racing until we arrived at the Intrepid Sea, Air, & Space museum, hosted on the USS Intrepid aircraft carrier:

Location: 40.765739°N, 74.002274°W

It was good to get inside for a break & play a game of checkers:

Location: 40.764819°N, 74.000477°W

Back outside, we made our way to Times Square for a stop at M&M’s store:

Location: 40.760326°N, 73.984653°W

After dessert, we were ready for dinner. This was probably my first time ever at Applebee’s. But the kids wanted to try it. They agreed to a budget of calories from the menu:

Location: 40.761519°N, 73.983826°W

Back to hotel for some rest.

Museum of Natural History

This is one of our favorite destinations in NY: huge exhibits inside to spend days learning from, with option to cross the street for a walk in Central Park.

I started early that morning with a run during some bicycle race through the closed streets of Central Park:

Rest of the morning was at the Museum of Natural History with many wonders:

Location: 40.781015°N, 73.973495°W

We had been here multiple times for children camp for one weekend & rest stop during our road trip to Washington.

After Aladdin, we walked to the Lego store & Rockefeller Center:

Location: 40.758705°N, 73.978295°W

High Line

A pleasant walk in NY is on the High Line, an art park along old elevated railroad:

Location: 40.740580°N, 74.008114°W

Breakfast started in Chelsea Market with many bites & snack for the road.

Halva at Seed + Mill: sweet butter melts in mouth from freshly milled Ethiopian sesame seeds:

Location: 40.742047°N, 74.005654°W

Amy’s Bread stuffed with more olive than bread:

Location: 40.742047°N, 74.005654°W

From Chelsea Market, we walked north the High Line until its end, then started back south along the water front of west side Manhattan:

Location: 40.722118°N, 74.012383°W

Until we reached One World Trade Center: tallest skyscraper in Western Hemisphere:

Location: 40.713509°N, 74.014999°W

And National September 11 Memorial:

Location: 40.712425°N, 74.01345°W

We finished the day with a stop at Washington Square Park & authentic falafel lunch at Mamoun’s:

Location: 40.730232°N, 74.000395°W

Bicycle Five Boros 2015

Almost a year earlier, I spent 1–3 May 2015 in NY to bicycle the Five Boros, a massive event with 30,000 participants.

I traveled on Friday aboard Amtrak with Bike Friday:

Multi-modal travel is becoming easier with bicycles, although not yet on busy train lines such as Boston–NY. But that was not a problem brining on a folding bicycle: walked straight in, no questions, no hesitations!

For me, the Five Boros event was one of those to do once for the experience, visit neighborhoods of NY, ride on Interstate 278, & return on ferry with US Coast Guard escort:

The highlight of the weekend was a bicycle tour of NY water front & Central Park, in leisurely pace, under blue sky, & on bicycle trails.


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