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Cape Cod: Hyannis–Provincetown

25 June 2016

One Day Trip Report: 25 June 2016

This turned out to be a hugely popular ride that we will likely consider running it for AMC Boston Chapter again in 2017. And for good reasons: train, ferry, bicycle path, farmers’ market, salt water taffy, ice cream, bakeries, lighthouses, & many beaches to dip in.

Despite the long distance of 100km, the ride can be complete by intermediate riders given the long day, mostly flat terrain, several breaks, & many supplies of freshly baked goods.

Mid Cape

Our large group boarded the Cape Flyer train at 8:00 from Boston South Station, arriving Hyannis at 10:20. I purchased a ticket while on the train using MBTA mTicket app for $22.00.

We gathered briefly to coordinate our departure out of town before heavy traffic hits the roads. The area around Hyannis was somewhat busy with traffic until we reached the Cape Cod Rail Trail.

We had a quick break in Nickerson State Park where they have restrooms, water faucet, & picnic benches.

The group was getting hungry around lunch hour. We attempted to hit the trail fast to buy some food at Orleans Farmers’ Market, but it had closed by the time we arrived. Instead, we spread between Guapo’s Tortilla Shack, neighboring restaurants, & Cottage Street Bakery:

Location: 41.791233°N, -69.98635°W

Nearby we stopped at Jonathan Young Windmill:

Location: 41.793863°N, -69.983688°W

Outer Cape

We took a detour to Nauset Beach for a water dip, which was closed for repair from erosion. We returned to the trail until its end to stop by PB Boulangerie for almond chocolate croissant:

Location: 41.916867°N, -69.98938°W

There was an alternate opportunity for water dip as we left the bakery at Lecount Beach. So I jumped in for a few moments.

The road was rolling hills from that point through Wellfleet until Truro, where we had a group stop at Jams general store. It was a fast ride from here to our destination in Provincetown.


Those of us who did not have enough of the day went on a short scenic loop around Province Lands trail:

Location: 42.074153°N, -70.201958°W

That gave me a second change for water dip at Herring Cove Beach:

Location: 42.048072°N, -70.220612°W

Before leaving Provincetown, I had to make two stops at Cabot’s Candy for water taffy & Portuguese Bakery for hazelnut Nutella cake:

Location: 42.051461°N, -70.186553°W

Most of us sailed on the ferry at 19:30 to arrive Boston at 21:00. Purchasing the ticket & bicycle pass in advance was required as this ferry was later sold out.

Location: 42.213755°N, -70.629342°W

The GPS log showed total distance 107km, duration 8h:06m:01s, ascent 622m, descent 626m, calories 3,102, & average temperature 23.9ºC.

Second Annual: 5 August 2017

It was a beautiful day to bicycle Cape Cod with a wonderful group. We got to enjoy all the fun stops like last year, burrito lunch at Corner Store, & dip in Coast Guard beach.

We restored our energy with chocolate almond croissant at PB Boulangerie, so we ready for the hills. In Provincetown, many went for another dip:

The GPS log showed total distance 102km, duration 7h:53m:30s, average speed 12.9km/h, ascent 617m, descent 585m, calories 2,824, & average temperature 22.0ºC. Aerial view available.

Similar trips

Cape Code is close & very accessible on bicycle from Boston, with varied trip ideas. Here are a few that I have been on:

  • Shining Sea, one day tour from Buzzards Bay to Hyannis, Woods Hole, & Shining Sea trail.
  • Cape Cod National Seashore: family trip with my son taking ferry from Boston to Provincetown, staying in Truro hostel, & visiting many nearby beaches.
  • Cape Cod & Martha’s Vineyard: family trip from Boston on ferry to Provincetown, bakeries, beaches, rail trail, & Jaws bridge.
  • Family tour of Upper Cape, mostly around Woods Hole with a short trip to Martha’s Vineyard.

I will look for a repeat of this trip in 2017 with an adjustment. Faster riders can get off the train earlier in Buzzards Bay to catch up with the next group in Hyannis. More details on this trip later.


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