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Tour Lake Champlain Islands 2nd Annual

22 July 2016

Trip Report: 22–24 July 2016

The group had a great time on this trip last year, that we decided to repeat it. Possibly every year. The area has much variety for routes, scenic views, beaches, & food stops.

I was a leader for this trip with the Appalachian Mountain Club, Boston Chapter.

Friday: Grand Isle & Burlington

The trip activities started Friday from Knight Point State Park. The park has changing rooms, restrooms, & water. Entrance fee $4.00 per person. The park normally opens at 10:00. However, we made arrangements with the park ranger to open earlier for our group to enter by 8:30.

Many sections of routes for this day are not paved, including the entire causeway connecting Grand Isle with trail to Burlington. They are hard packed dirt & crushed stone.

I started with a group at 9:00 on an advanced long distance ride with moderate pace: tour of Grand Isle perimeter with visits to Snow Farm for home-made root beer, Island Line Trail causeway for view of water on both sides, bicycle ferry ($8.00), & east shore for winding road by the water. The extension to Burlington is almost entirely on trails with lake views. Lunch was at City Market Onion River Co-op.

A second group started at 13:00 on moderate ride around Grand Isle, similar to the one from last year.

We all met at the Inn for swim, dinner, & views of lake.

Saturday: Venise-en-Québec

I led a group on a moderate ride across the border into Canada along Missisquoi Bay between farm lands, with snack stop at Venise-en-Québec. Marché public had a large selection of restaurants, bakery, chocolate, & ice-cream. Otherwise, there is a grocery store, fresh fruit stand (fruit lady accepts only CA$ in cash), crêpe, & Smarties.

On our return trip, we stopped at a farm for locally made cheese:

Dark clouds were moving quickly in our direction. Luckily, they were pushing fast wind in our back to retreat quickly to the Inn before a deluge fell from the sky.

After dinner, we walked for 20 minutes to Fisk Farm for classical music performance, inside the Art Barn, near large display of products from local artists.

Fisk Farm is the old homestead of Lt Governor Nelson Fisk. It was here that Teddy Roosevelt got the news that President McKinley had been shot.

Sunday: North Hero

We had a fun tour of North Hero island beaches & coast line, with stops at North Hero State Park, Alburg Dunes State Park, & Vermont maple soft-serve ice cream:


I did not record the cost for each day. However, I generally budget for $100 per day, all inclusive, for room & board.

Day Service Log
Friday 22 July 2016: Grand Isle & Burlington
  • Knight Point State Park
  • Snow Farm: home-made root beer
  • City Market Onion River Co-op
  • Lake Champlain Chocolates
  • Map of recorded GPS track
  • Distance: 91.8km
  • Speed: 13.86km/h
  • Time: 6h:37m:30s
  • Ascent: 441m
  • Temperature: 30.0°C
  • Calories: 1,646
  • Saturday: Venise-en-Québec
  • Marché public in Venise-en-Québec: restaurants, bakery, chocolate, & ice-cream.
  • Marché Richelieu
  • Fromagerie Fritz Kaiser
  • Map
  • Distance: 80.2
  • Speed: 13.97
  • Time: 5:44:23
  • Ascent: 254
  • Temperature: 26.0
  • Calories: 1,412
  • Sunday: North Hero
  • Hero’s Welcome General Store: sandwiches, bakery, & ice cream
  • Harborside Harvest Market: fudge, sandwiches
  • Map
  • Distance: 61.8
  • Speed: 13.7
  • Time: 4:18:11
  • Ascent: 202
  • Temperature: 24.0
  • Calories: 1,258
  • Total  

  • Distance: 233.8
  • Speed: 14.03
  • Time: 16:40:04
  • Ascent: 897
  • Temperature: 27.1
  • Calories: 4,316

    Route Expectations

    Expect the following when you are on the road:

    • Gravel grinders: there will be sections on unpaved roads. Most of them are smooth crushed stone & dirt, while some rare short ones are a bit more rough.
      Bicycle tires: 23mm only if you are already comfortable with them on dirt roads; 25mm are adequate; 28mm–32mm are most suitable; wider tires are adequate but not necessary.
    • Wind: there will be wind. Most likely headwind in both directions.
    • Hills: there will be hills. They are low, quick, with little elevation gain. But they are there.

    Trip Repeats


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