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Pioneer Valley

27 May 2017

Trip Report: 27–29 May 2017

The triangle between Northampton, Brattleboro, & Keene towns is an obvious bicycle tour destination.

Location: 42.568797°N, 72.591325°W

All three offer small walking street, bicycles trails, art shops, ice cream parlors, & hearty meals in co-op markets. We even got the chance to watch the new release of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell no Tales.


A bakery had to be near the start point. A location close to both Boston & New York helped for the group coming from both.

We met Saturday morning in the parking lot on Hampton Avenue. We only had to pay $2.50 for Saturday while Sunday & Monday were free due to holiday. Sylvester’s breakfast café & bakery were near by for bread & granola:

Location: 42.318387°N, 72.628137°W

A bikeway leads out of town to small roads along the Connecticut river, passing by Mount Sugarloaf. Some decided to bicycle up to the summit on a very steep road that was well worth it:

Location: 42.469903°N, 72.592147°W

Closer to Greenfield, we got on long stretches of trails with direct view of the river, where the kids had more opportunity to ride next to each other & chat:

Location: 42.598338°N, 72.568267°W

In Turner Falls was our extended lunch break at 2nd Street Bakery of soup & cranberry walnut braid bread:

Location: 42.606280°N, 72.555612°W

Of course followed by Country Creemee ice cream:

Location: 42.608833°N, 72.556345°W

Then we got to see the falls on the way out of town:

Location: 42.610717°N, 72.553353°W

We still had about half way left on pleasant roads on small rolling hills, except a big one when leaving Turner Falls. No specific stops on this part of the day other than occasional. snack stops by the side of the road.

Until Brattleboro. We checked into Latchis Hotel & Theater. The best part of dinner was a slide of fresh bread & maple Greek yogurt from the Co-op:

Location: 42.850730°N, 72.557838°W

It was tempting to watch a movie at the theater. But we saved that for next day in Keene when we would have more time.


We had two route options open to group preference. Both started out of town, crossing the border from Vermont to New Hampshire:

Location: 42.884925°N, 72.555795°W

Then traveled along the Connecticut river north, before splitting.

Most of the group decided to go with the shorter route briefly along route NH-12 before taking the Cheshire Rail Trail. It was rough initially with rocks & roots. But they had to keep moving away from bugs. Later, the trail was smoother as it got closer to town. They took advantage of a stop at Yolo Frozen Yogurt & swim in hotel pool.

Meanwhile, I continued with two others north back in Vermont for big lunch at Miss Bellows Falls diner.

With full stomach, next was a hill. A big long hill with steep sections between colorful neighborhood:

Location: 43.082356°N, 72.351050°W

It was a very sweet descent & fast ride to reach Surry Mountain beach for a dip in cold water:

Location: 43.004029°N, 72.317487°W

In Keene, it was time for dinner, movie (Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell no Tales), & von Trapp Bock Bier (A little of Austria, a lot of Vermont):


This last day was about covered bridges. It was also the longest with rain in forecast late morning.

Just outside of Keene, we arrived at Cresson covered bridge:

Location: 42.88624°N, 72.286638°W

Thompson covered bridge circa 1832:

Location: 42.871925°N, 72.327675°W

Slate covered bridge 2001:

Location: 42.847477°N, 72.340352°W

Coombs covered bridge 1837:

Location: 42.837912°N, 72.360912°W

With bonus sight later of French King bridge:

Location: 42.59585°N, 72.49593°W

We caught two Memorial Day parades: the first one in Winchester, NH:

Location: 42.773255°N, 72.383559°W

The second was in Northfield, MA.

Drops of rain started to come down. It was an opportunity while watching the parade to wear our rain gear.

Wet & cold, we pressed on to reach The Lady Killigrew Café & Pub for lunch:

Location: 42.537955°N, 72.537317°W

We stayed there for two and a half hours to dry, warm, eat, & wait for rain to subside.

But we only had a third of the way to go, ever so slightly downhill with the river, & a long section on Norwottuck trail between Amherst & Northampton.

We arrive in good time before 17:00 to eat a snack & return home.


Day Places Log
Saturday 27 May 2017 10:49
  • Sylvester’s breakfast café & bakery
  • Sugarloaf Mountain
  • 2nd Street Bakery
  • Country Creemee ice cream
  • Map Garmin & Strava: download GPX, FIT, TCX, KML, & other file format for GPS track
  • Distance ➡️ 79.40km
  • Speed ⏩ 10.6km/h
  • Duration 🔄 7h:28m:10s
  • Ascent ⬆️ 531m
  • Temperature 📶 20.5ºC
  • Sunday 9:25
  • Miss Bellows Falls diner
  • Surry Mountain beach
  • Map Garmin & Strava
  • ➡️ 75.74km
  • ⏩ 10.1km/h
  • 🔄 7h:30m:56s
  • ⬆️ 809m
  • 📶 21.0ºC
  • Monday 8:02
  • Cresson covered bridge
  • Thompson covered bridge
  • Slate covered bridge
  • Coombs covered bridge
  • French King bridge
  • The Lady Killigrew Café
  • Map Garmin & Strava
  • ➡️ 93.60km
  • ⏩ 11.0km/h
  • 🔄 8h:31m:36s
  • ⬆️ 524m
  • 📶 11.2ºC
  • Total

  • ➡️ 248.7km
  • ⏩ 10.58km/h
  • 🔄 23h:30m:42s
  • ⬆️ 1,864m
  • 📶 17.3ºC
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