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Farms, Bakeries, & Nashua River Trail

30 July 2017

Day Trip Report: 30 July 2017

Sun finally. It had been rainy & cold for several days. So large group of people were ready for a nice bicycle tour. Some 30 of them were at the station when I arrived on the train with a few others.

I took Fitchburg line of MBTA Commuter Rail, leaving Concord at 9:15 arriving Ayer at 9:38. It was on time.

After a brief safety talk with the group, we split into different paces, & got on the trail for a short distance to Groton. We stopped to supply food for picnic at the park two hours later. First choice was Bliss Bakery:

Location: 42.606868°N, 71.569171°W

There is also a Natural Market & Salt & Light Café.

West of Groton, routes 225 & 2A were somewhat busy with cars for about 12km, but had wide shoulders. Then we switched to small quiet roads for the remainder of the tour.

A couple on a tandem with toddler in tow started with us at the train station, with intent of round trip to Pearl Hill pond. By the time I arrived, they were already there & their son already playing in the water.

Of course I also jumped in:

Location: 42.656901°N, 71.758013°W

We rested & ate snacks at the picnic table. There was also a water fountain to fill bottles.

Very few stops were available until Hollis, unless we needed a break from rolling hills.

On the other side of town was Lull Farm:

Location: 42.743928°N, 71.577950°W

Local peach, watermelon, yogurt, & milk were available:

Large section for bread & pastries:

Soon after the farm, we entered the Nashua River Trail from its northern terminus all the way to the southern terminus in Ayer.

A few short sections on the trail were rough from undergrowth of tree roots. Otherwise, very pleasant, in the shade, & many benches to rest on.

Shops in Groton were closed by 15:30 on Sunday afternoon. Instead, we continued to Ayer train station & waited for the train at 16:05.


  • Map from Garmin & Strava: download GPX, FIT, TCX, KML, & other file format for GPS track.
    • Distance ➡️ 92.26km
    • Speed ⏩ 15.6km/h
    • Duration 🔄 5h:55m:22s
    • Ascent ⬆️ 692m
    • Descent ⬇️ 696m
    • Calories *️⃣ 2,545
    • Temperature 📶 23.3ºC
  • Feature:
  • Variations
    • Shorter loop: continue on train to Fitchburg station, navigate to meet the route near Pearl Hill State Park, continue on the same route to return by train from Ayer.
    • Easy trail ride: stay on Nashua River Trail for the entire day. Start in Ayer, stop in Groton to supply with food, continue on the trail all the way to northern terminus, & then turn back. Total should be about 40km with little elevation gain.

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